Our Approach

Helping You Find and Achieve Your True North

Moving Ahead, Together.

True North’s holistic approach to financial planning involves understanding and evaluating a person’s whole picture. We believe that important decisions should not be made in a vacuum, and the most successful planning outcomes are achieved when all areas of personal finances are integrated and working for your benefit. We employ organized, collaborative, and systematic approaches to financial planning. Our planning process is designed to reduce uncertainty, increase confidence, and lead to better outcomes, and thus build brighter financial futures.

Multi-Step Financial Planning Process

Financial planning is a continuous journey, not a one-time event. At True North, we have designed a multi-step financial planning process. This modular approach addresses the major financial planning topics relevant to you, over a series of meetings. Segmenting topics into bite-sized pieces allows us to break down complexity, promote understanding and facilitate input and dialogue. The result is an action-oriented, comprehensive and personalized set of planning solutions. How much emphasis will be placed on each step will vary for each situation. Throughout the process, you are at the center of the planning and decision-making.


Foundation Planning Steps


Goals & Priorities, Possibilities, Values


Cash Flow Planning, Spending and Income Planning, Debt Management


Tax Planning, Education Planning, Retirement Planning


Insurance, Risk Management, Health Care Planning, Business Planning


Investment Management, Financial Independence


Estate Planning, Legacy Planning, Charitable Giving

Peace of Mind

As we go through the planning process, we help you find answers to planning questions or concerns you may have. A few common questions include:

N How can I best prioritize my financial goals, and balance competing priorities (i.e. college funding and retirement)?
N How much money will I need for retirement, and am I saving enough?



Do I have the right insurance and risk management strategies in place?

We’ll answer the tough questions together.